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Aero Concept

AERO CONCEPT at Bentleys
T 0207 584 7770

Concept was founded in 2003 and grew out of the philosophy, skill and passion of its creator, Keiichi Sugano. These beautiful and practical objects are testament to Sugano’s art and creativity – from taking an image in his head to using his hands and vision to bring together materials and tools to make it a reality.

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Hand Stitched

Leather has to be hand stitched
to the metal with the skill and care
of master craftsmen.

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Tradition & Technology

Aero Concept is the perfect mix of tradition and technology. The quality of the materials and the incorporation of the same technical expertise used to make airplane and bullet train components, produces a beauty that only comes from a product that has had a high level of skill and attention lavished upon it during its creation.

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The aircraft industry's favored aluminium alloy 'Duralumin' is the main material used to make Aero Concept. Light weight, strength, and the ability to be worked accurately and precisely are proven qualities that are as important in the production of luggage as they are in the construction of aircraft.

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One Of A Kind

The hide used for Aero Concept products is tanned using only natural vegetable tannins. This produces a particular type of leather that wears and ages beautifully. The natural quality of the leather is illustrated perfectly by the small creases, wrinkles and marks that are present. These, together with slight variations in colour from one hide to another, render each piece one of a kind.

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Precision Metalwork

The workshop is full of strange and interesting looking machinery and the air is filled with the intoxicating smell of engineering oil. Computer controlled machines sit side by side with metal bending machines and beautifully maintained lathes from the inter-war years.

For creative work, in the hands
of a highly skilled craftsman producing precision metalwork, the latest automated machines do not compare with these relics from a bygone era. It takes a great deal
of skill and experience to operate the machines that are used to produce the component parts for Aero Concept.

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Aero Concept combines the industrial aesthetics of precision-crafted airplane fittings with a craftsman’s love for creating just the right object for the task at hand and is the work of a man who is thoroughly devoted to detail. He creates with an enthusiasm and dedication that means his approach is not just, “I am going
to try to make this”, it is, “I’m
going to make this!”

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Bespoke Finish

The patinated finish is painstakingly created using bespoke tools, handmade by Sugano, as he has found that standard, off-the-shelf tools cannot produce an effect that matched his exacting vision.

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The dimpled finish of the unlined cases is created for a specific purpose. The dimples to the interior break any surface tension between paper and case so that your documents do not stick to
the inside of the case and can be removed with ease. The black finish is reminiscent of the
vulcanite covered body of a
classic Leica camera.

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